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1st Quantified Options Trading Strategies Summit - Preview Video

On August 25, Connors Research will be holding its 1st Quantified Options Trading Strategies Summit. Attendees will learn how to trade options in a systematic manner with quantified test results which start in 2005 and run up through June 30, 2012.

Use the form at right to watch a 30-minute presentation by Larry Connors. In this preview video, Larry will personally go over the entire Agenda for the Summit. He also teaches you one actual Quantified Trading Strategy from the Summit itself. Simply fill out the form to get instant access to this video.

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Interview Date: August 2 2012

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To register by phone, please call us toll-free at 888-484-8220, ext. 3 or you can also reach us at 973-494-7311, ext. 3